As a Business Coach

As a business coach / family business advisor, we coach you on how to run your business better. We meet with you at a time and place that fits your schedule. During this time, we will go over challenges, answer questions, and generally brainstorm on ways to improve your business. We charge by the hour for this service, and there is no obligation on your part other than for the time spent with you.

As a Traditional Advisor

As a traditional small business / family business advisor, we get involved in your business with you to help determine the issues and potential solutions. This could include meeting with you and your staff, doing research, analyzing problems and coaching staff to improve leadership, communication and business processes.

Typically this involves our working in your main business, but it could also include investigating ‘sideline’ businesses. Here we work to determine the sideline’s potential and resource draw to determine how to develop it into real businesses (or not).

We charge by the hour for traditional consulting services, and like to begin by providing you with a proposal outlining expectations, the steps involved in the process, and a budget for our services.

As a Project Executive

We will also work for you as executives on a project basis. In this manner, we take on a business project and ‘make it done’ for a set fee.

Most every business has an initiative that is important, but never quite seems to rise to the top of the priority list. If you have such an initiative, we can get it done for you.

As a family business coach, this can often be the best way to start with a new client. You find a suitable initiative and we quote you a price. If you agree, we take it on and complete it for you. You get a finished project and we all get to see if we’re a good fit. As with many previous clients, you may well learn there are a number of areas of your business where we can add real value.

Projects undertaken in this manner include:

  • analyzing cash flow and recommending a 5-point plan to move a business forward
  • reviewing a firm’s image and marketing and recommending a process for improvement
  • setting up 401(k) and health benefit plans
  • writing employment policy manuals
  • conducting employee satisfaction surveys and writing reports for management

Important Note

Your first meeting with us is always free. Let us buy you a cup of coffee. You bring your business questions, and we will do our best to answer them. If we can’t, we will put you in touch with someone who can. We look forward to meeting you.