“If anyone ever doubts your ability to get results Tim, please have them talk to me.”

Chip Ragen
Ragen and Associates, LLC

“On behalf of all of us at Kerr Wood Leidal Associates Ltd., I want to thank you for your advice and counseling over the past years. Your advice on management and finance has been instrumental in the success and growth of our company. Through your own personal efforts, you have gained the trust and respect of all of our senior management team. You are a valued member of our advisory team.

We look forward to your support and advice in the long term.”

Frank Belfry, P.Eng.
Chairman, Board of Directors
Kerr Wood Leidal Associates Ltd.

“I found Tim to be a thoroughly professional and energetic individual who made a significant contribution to our firm in a short period of time. Tim is an extremely articulate and polished gentleman, an excellent speaker and definitely a person who will convey a positive image of your company. I greatly enjoyed working with Tim and do not hesitate to give him my highest professional and personal recommendations.”

Don Cuzzocrea
President & COO
Trim Systems, LLC